More than the ‘A Team’

This is not just the A Team starring ‘Mr. T’ with all his gold chains, This is the A+ team from Halls Head.

These are the Monday morning bar workers who got an A+ rating from Lion Nathan, our international beer supplier, for the condition of our beer supply equipment.

The wording was

  • System and coolroom are looking amazing A+ for all cleanliness and maintenance

Well done to Colin, Richard, Rod, Bill, John, Geoff, and new apprentice John. Brian Joyce is normally there but he must have been having a RDO. It is always a very busy Monday morning, Colin, the leader, regularly starts at 5.00 am, Rod is next on the scene at 6.00, closely followed by the others. After a coffee the team is normally gone by 7.30. Jobs include cleaning the bar area and mats, flushing the lines and restocking the coolroom and shelves.

Thanks to Col and the team for a job exceptionally well done.