Club Championships

Club Championships

Club Championships are open to all ‘Full Bowling’ Club members. Club colours are required to be worn on the day. If you are competing, you may be required to mark for other competing players.

Refer “About Us < Governance < Conditions of Play” in this website for any recent revisions.

Refer to ” Ladies Bowls or Men’s Bowls” on the front page section of this website for event timing.

Events include:

Championship Singles.

Ladies –  4 bowls, 21 shots up. finals 25 shots up

Men – 4 bowls 21 shots up

Veteran Singles

4 bowls, 17 shots up.

Novice Championship Singles

4 bowls, 21 shots up.

Championship Pairs

4 bowls, 2x2x2x2, 12 ends.

Championship Triples

2 bowls, 16 ends.

Championship Fours

2 bowls, 14 ends.

Mixed Championship Pairs

4 bowls, 2x2x2x2, 12 ends.

Mixed Championship Fours

2 bowls, 14 ends

Decisions on the day by the Match Committee are final. Finals may be played extra shots up (Singles) or ends played, subject to Match Committee decision.