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Men’s bowling at Halls Head Bowling Club is a major part of the action. There are many categories of bowling to suit all preferences from social bowling to more competitive Pennants or encouragement to extend to district or State competition.

Competitive Bowling

Halls Head bowls in the Murray District Bowling League that groups Clubs from South to Waroona, north to Comet Bay and east to Pinjarra. There are four divisions in the League and Halls Head participates in all four. The League comes under the control of BowlsWA.

The pennant season runs from November to March and incorporates around fourteen home and away games before the finals for the top four teams.

During the year there are also our Club Championship events for fours, triples, pairs and singles as well as mixed championship events in all categories. In case you have some spare time after all of these, there is also inter-club or open competition to be involved with.

Check out the Club membership categories to confirm your eligibility to play in these events.

Bowling times – Refer to the Club Handbook or the What’s on – Bowls Evens pages in the website for up to date information. Pennants are played on Tuesday afternoon from around 1.30 to 4.00 and on Saturday from 1.30. Other competitions are as broadcast.

Social Bowling

If social bowling is your preference, Halls Head Bowling Club is the place to be.

‘Scroungers’ is generally the most popular. It is a mixed competition on Friday afternoon from 1pm. There are also a number of Men’s social events during the week . Wednesday afternoon is very popular. When there is no pennants, come and try nominated pairs on Monday afternoon and 2*4*2 on Saturday afternoon. It is always best to check the programme for details.

Keep an eye on the Men’s Notice Board for coming events, the Nomination Form will be there for you to add your name for a game.  Please get your name in early as there is a two day closing date before the day of play. Names to Match Office by 1.00 for social days.

If you have any questions relating to Men’s bowls, Please contact the Director of Men’s Bowls or Men’s Captain, I am sure they will be only too happy to help. Failing that, you can always give the office a call.