Peter Cole, Denis Nagle, Keith Granger and Dennis Ashworth
Mens Bowls

Men’s Country Week 2020

Halls Head teams got close to the line but just could not make that last step.

Singles – Wayne Langborne, Peter Cole (won section then had 2 wins of 8 in the knockout rounds), Les Saunders.

Pairs – Peter Cole / Denis Nagle, Les Saunders / Noel Jarvis, Dennis Ashworth / Keith Granger, Don Carter / Bob Irvine.

Fours – Don Carter / Bob Irvine / Peter Brown / Gene Sputore (won section), Peter Cole / Denis Nagle / Dennis Ashworth / Keith Granger (won section then won 2 games to get to the quarter finals).

Well done to all of those who took part and especially the fours of Peter Cole, Denis Nagle, Dennis Ashworth and Keith Granger for getting to the quarter finals (2 wins from the Grand Final)