Ladies Knees-Up

The pennant ladies held their annual wind-up and to some respect a bit of a knees-up, to celebrate the end of the home and away and the start of the finals. The unconfirmed teams for the finals will be Halls Head Green, Red, blue and Orange so we have representation in all four divisions.

Robyn, Jan, Glenys, Faye, Eileen and Pam showed the way with some creative maneuvers around a zimmer frame with some outfits that could well have graced the Fashions on the Field at the 1900 Perth Cup fashion parade. I didn’t notice a BA logo anywhere, even on Robin’s black fashionable footwear.

‘Join the Navy’ rang out for a bunch of other brave bowlers as they strutted their stuff around the floor.

Of course the effort put towards the table presentations for the team colours started a good fun night in the right direction.