Executive Committee 2021 / 2022

President – Bruce Walter

President 2020 to current year.

Bruce was President from 2008 for seven years and has been a prominent volunteer around the Club.


Vice President – Lindsay Brown

Vice President current year.

        Lindsay is a relatively new member to our Club and brings a wealth of knowledge and management experience to the Vice-President position.


Treasurer – Greg Morris

Treasurer 2001 to current year

Greg has guided this Club over his long years of service.

Greg is a Life Member of HHBC.


Secretary – Louise Waddell

Secretary 2014 to current year.

Louise brings a wealth of secretary and administration experience to the Club.


Director Ladies Bowls – Robyn White

Director Ladies Bowls current year.

Robyn has served on the Executive Committee for a number of years with a particular contribution in the Social Director position.


Director Men’s Bowls – Les Wilkinson

Director Men’s Bowls current year.

         Les is continuing in his position of Director of Men’s Bowls. This year stepping down from Vice President.


Director Greens and Grounds – Bob Plater

Director Greens and Grounds 2016 to current year

Bob has held this position in previous years so certainly knows his way around maintaining our precious greens.


Director Bingo – John Fowler

Director 2010 to current year

John has been involved with our bingo administration for nearly as long as bingo has been operating. His control over this valuable source of revenue is above reproach. John prefers not to be the Director but continues in an administration roll.

John is a Life Member of HHBC.


Director Sponsorship – Bill Morgan

Director Sponsorship current year.

Bill is another new member to our Administration and brings administration and self management skills to this important portfolio.


Director Social – Hugh Donnelly

Director 2019 to current year

Hugh continues to injecting new ideas and effort into the position. One area of prominence is promoting ‘big bands’ to the Club.


Director House – Peter Little

Director of House current year.

Peter is new to this position but has been prominent around the Club. He brings contracting and management experience from his current business in gas installations.


Director Bar – Kevin Lobb

Bar Director 2020 to current year.

Kevin was President from 2015 to 2018. He was also a member of the Finance Committee and a prominent volunteer around the Club.

Kevin is a Life Member of HHBC.


Director Finance – Lindsay Brown

Director of Finance current year.

Lindsay has spent 50 years working in accounting and finance with degrees in accounting and finance and administration, in chartered accounting firms, large legal firms and running his own accounting practice. Lindsay also assisted as Finance Director last year.


Director of Junior Bowls – Ian Foss

Director of Junior Bowls current year.

Ian has been a willing volunteer at our Club for a number of years and this year steps into a very much needed roll.